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Cool Roofing Systems
Environmentally Friendly  - Title 24 Compliant
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Traditional Asphalt roofing has served the roofing consumer well for more than 150 years.  However, asphalt roofs are not environmentally friendly.  Asphalt attracts heat with its dark color and holds the heat due to its molecular structure.  Infrared photography of urban areas where roofing density is high shows the heat buildup.  This phenomenon, called the Urban Heat Island Effect, can seriously impact local air quality.
"Smog is the result of chemical reactions in the air, and higher temperatures mean faster chemistry...  Cooling Los Angeles by 4 degrees would have the same magnitude effect [on smog] as turning all of the on-road vehicles into electric cars."
    Hashem Akbari
      Head of the Heat Island Group
        Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
A NCC cool roofing system installed by Rain Defense won’t contribute to the heat gain of a city; reducing smog
and improving the
quality of life for
All successful roofing contractors depend on quality materials.  National Coatings manufactures superior Acrylic roofing products to meet the most demanding applications.
Rain Defense is a Master Certified Applicator of National Coatings!
What is Cool Roofing?